How We Made a Name for Ourselves In the Blockchain Industry.

Written by royalroots

January 24, 2022

Who are the Lunar System team?

Many of you first came to know us as the band of unlikely heroes from a blockchain far, far away.

After the initial release of our first project, Supermoon, we quickly became identified as the young blockchain entrepreneurs from Dublin, who burst onto the crypto scene and dared to dream big.

Our mission was simple, utilizing the collective power of community and decentralization, we endeavoured to build something of relevance and significance in a youthful, competitive and cutting-edge industry. With no prior connections in blockchain, and limited funding from our day jobs and crypto portfolios, we built an extraordinary global community of like minded individuals who rallied behind our cause.

Our first crypto product was launched to huge commercial success, attracting attention from people all over the world, including some high-profile celebrities.

This launch further fuelled the spirit of the community we had built, as we proved that the collaborative power of blockchain, and decentralization could be leveraged to do remarkable things by regular people.

We had shown ourselves the capability we possessed when we put our minds and hearts to a project, but most importantly, we had managed to capture one of the most scarce and fleeting assets in today’s world, people’s attention.

This success was a truly surreal experience for the team.

Having broken boundaries and opened pathways that were not previously accessible to us, we felt elated, and our minds were racing with new ideas.

With the strength of our community behind us, we felt unstoppable, but then came a far more important part of our journey — the lessons.

Captain Moon speaking at the Blockchain Life convention in Moscow (2021)

As every pioneer knows, the most fundamental element of success is often failure. Being agile innovators of the blockchain space, our successes motivated us, and showed us evidence that we were capable of great things. However, it is our difficulties and failures that have shaped and defined our understanding of the industry, and of ourselves as a community. Between malicious cyber-attacks, failed launches, and slanderous cynics, our journey has not been easy. Nevertheless, each trial that we faced came with its own valuable lesson that we have taken with us along the way. We learned the importance of security and taking precautions in what can often be a challenging space. We learned to block out the negative, unconstructive noise and focus on bringing value in a lucrative market, where most people look to take value. We learned that loyalty and trust are two valuable assets that can not simply be bought, and we learned never to abandon those who have supported us. But perhaps more momentous, we learned about the three traits that led us to coin the term, which we first publicly announced on the stage of the Blockchain Life convention in Moscow, “Generation B”. As Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao famously tweeted, “Blockchain is not the future, it is the present.” and there is no doubt that we are in the generation that will truly harness blockchain technology to transform how we interact, both with our environment, and with each other. Yes, the ‘B’ in “Generation B” is for blockchain, but the ‘B’ also represents the three characteristics that define the dynamic innovators of our generation. These characteristics are: braveness, boldness and brazenness. At first glance, the three seem to take on a similar meaning, but in reality, they have distinct definitions which are crucial for understanding the role each ‘B’ plays in describing this generation’s trailblazers.

The Calypso NFT Market from The Lunar System Team, featured in Times Square, New York.

The first of these characteristics, braveness, is quintessential for any individual endeavouring to do something new or unconventional. The term ‘brave’ is defined as, “being ready to face and endure danger, pain, or unpleasant conditions”. The daily challenges one faces when attempting to shift a paradigm can be unpleasant at the best of times, and downright painful at the worst. Those who readily undertake these challenges are truly the brave among us.

The next characteristic, ‘boldness’ is the willingness to take risks. In today’s world, minimizing risk has become something of an obsession. People tend to cling to what is safe, tested, and reliable. Whether that be in their careers, investments, relationships or life in general. But of course, one cannot expect to achieve anything outstanding without taking risks. The greater the risk, the greater the reward, and in this age of comfort and convenience, those bold enough to take risks are those with the power to make change.

The final characteristic, ‘brazenness’ is one that can often be overlooked. Google defines ‘brazen’ as, “being bold and without shame”. The idea of being shameless is alien to most of us and many of the monumental decisions we make in our lives are made to avoid shame. Settling for a college course you have no real interest in, working at a job you don’t have a passion for, staying with a partner you don’t love — these are all decisions made in an attempt to avoid shame. At our core, humans are social creatures and shame is the single most prominent thing that can cause us to feel alienated and outcast from our social circles. The problem with shame is that it tells you that your failures and mistakes are a fundamental part of who you are as a person, rather than simply recognising them as an opportunity for you to improve. Shame holds you accountable for mistakes and prevents you from persisting forward. We rarely see people broadcasting their failures and shame on social media. The polished version that we see of people’s lives on social media reinforces this idea that success is a blessed path bestowed on the lucky ones among us, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Behind every success, is a series of failures and mistakes that preceded it. Those who can forego the burden of shame, can boldly make these necessary mistakes and push forward to success, and it is these individuals that often find themselves in positions of leadership.

So what do these three traits have to do with us, and blockchain as a whole? Well it goes without saying that it takes braveness, boldness, and brazenness to step outside of your comfort zone and readily face new challenges. In a cutting edge, volatile industry like blockchain, where things are constantly changing and brand new discoveries and innovations are made every day, we have had the bravery to step out and claim our place amongst the noise. We have proven to ourselves and others that we possess a boldness to take risks in a highly unpredictable environment, and perhaps most notably, we have shown time and time again that we are full of the brazen confidence needed to present our ideas in the most high profile, public places. The sort of brazen confidence that has placed our projects in front of celebrities, on stage in front of thousands of people at blockchain conventions, and even to the billboards of New York’s Times Square. The same brazen confidence that makes people ask, “Just who do they think they are?!”. This is a question we expect to be asked many times on our journey, and in light of that, we would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce ourselves… We are the Lunar System team, and we are the heart of Generation B.

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